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why sparrow?

One of my first jobs was conducting grassland bird surveys for the Wisconsin DNR. I went out at dawn along country roads to identify and record birds almost exclusively by their songs and calls. The sparrow community stood out to me - birds I rarely saw, but was thrilled to know existed.

I spent the next several years researching and documenting declines in biodiversity as a result of anthropogenic disturbance - from Madagascar's rainforest to Wisconsin's grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands; from Minnesota's boreal forests to Nebraska's sandhill prairies. The work discouraged me. Rather than continuing to document species disappearing, I set my focus on restoration - helping others rebuild what has been compromised.

The sparrow represents a balance of life and land - and my goal to create or restore natural habitats for all species; secretive and showy.

prairie sparrow resting on a prairie grass perch

why hire sparrow?

I launched Sparrow Native Design & Land Planning in 2012 after sixteen years as the senior consultant and landscape designer for Prairie Nursery in Westfield, WI. I've spent almost 30 years in the forests, fields, and on properties - testing hundreds of plant combinations and seed blends. I bring experience in site preparation and management strategies that enhance plant establishment and your project success. I know what works.

Through the years I've also built a robust network of experts in the native landscaping industry. My long-term relationships with contractors, landscapers, nurseries, hardscape designers, and other consultants mean you're connected to quality service at competitive costs.

native perennial pollinator garden near a new home in Verona, Wisconsin

Meet The Team

jennifer baker

owner & senior designer

Ever since I was a child, I found myself most grounded outside. The connection I developed with flora and fauna in my own backyard led me to pursue a Masters in Wildlife Ecology, where I learned the science (and importance) of biodiversity.

My life is my land. As a landowner, I actively manage the balance of 80 acres of oak and pine barrens, multi-use trails, horse pastures, perennial and vegetable gardens and an orchard. I personally understand that dreams for your property are as unique as you are. There's no "right' way - except for results that bring you joy. I can help you do that.

Jennifer Baker is the senior landscape designer, consultant and land planner

amy johnson

content development & editing, ghostwriter

I recently added Amy to the team after getting multiple requests for content development from other businesses in my network. Amy brings 25 years of experience developing website content, newsletters, pamphlets/educational materials, social media posts, and more. She recently served as Corporate Communications Manager for a multi-facility manufacturing company.

Amy Johnson is the B2B content creator  and editor helping businesses in the sustainable landscape and design industry
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The sparrow is a symbol for the prairie and reminds us of the importance of native plants in the landscape

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